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2018 WPMA Video Montage

Recap montage of the 2018 Western Petroleum Marketers Association in Las Vegas

Video: Mobile Payment Upgrade Launches You Back To The Future

Upgrading to mobile payment during your chip card reader update will put you ahead of the game. As the next wave of the future, mobile payment provides a speedy, satisfying and secure payment process for the consumer.

100 Years In A Nutshell

In 1917 there were no cell phones, no email and no overnight shipping. The Great Depression was not on anybody's radar, Slinkys were a thing of the future and the World Wide Web was beyond anybody's wildest imagination.

3 Strategies to Help You Plan Your EMV Migration

As the 2020 EMV deadline approaches, fuel retailers everywhere have begun planning their EMV migration to prepare for the increase in demand. With PCI compliance now being expected by the customer, mag-stripe readers have reached their final frontier. The question remains should you upgrade the payment terminal on your current dispensers or should you replace your outdated dispensers all together?

Work Smarter, Not Harder With Wayne's Xflo Fuel Meter

Upgrade your iMeter by swapping it with the Xflo. Wayne's Ovation Fuel Dispenser comes factory installed with the iMeter - a positive displacement (PD) piston meter. By upgrading to the Xflo customers can eliminate PD requirements of testing and re-calibration in the event of meter drift.

System Sentinel AnyWare - Solving Fuel Management Problems One Internet Browser at a Time

Product highlight on Franklin Fueling Systems' fuel management software - System Sentinel AnyWare.

Steel Vs. Fiberglass - Two UST Heavyweights Go Head-to-Head in Petroleum Storage

A comparison of steel UST's with fiberglass UST's to determine the best solution for your underground storage tank needs. The blog explains important considerations to make about material properties, geography, climate, environmental impact and the cost of both tank types of tank materials. After reading this blog you will be able to make a decision that best suits your site specific needs.

5 Tips to Prevent ULSD Corrosion

Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) has been causing extreme corrosion on all metal surfaces exposed to the product. Shields, Harper recommends practicing these five tips to prevent corrosion on submersible turbine pumps, leak detection components and other tank equipment.

EMV Compliance Creates Opportunity for Mobile Payment Upgrade

Kill two birds with one stone by upgrading your dispenser POS equipment to EMV as well as mobile payment. The looming EMV upgrade is real and must occur before October 2020; take advantage of the situation and turn the mandate into an opportunity to position yourself ahead of the marketplace. Upgrade to mobile payment today.

2017 WPMA EXPO Wrap-up

Looking back at last week's WPMA EXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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