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Underground Service Tanks: Implementation Schedule for 2015 requirements in Non-SPA States.

There is some confusion among members regarding the implementation time frames for states without program approval (non-SPA states) to comply with EPA’s UST requirements. In particular, members and the regulated community want to understand when UST owners in non-SPA states will be required to conduct the first test or inspection of the following:

Fresh Starts for Your Service Station

Shields Harper has been helping clients plan and develop fresh starts for almost a century.

How safe are independent fuel retailers from hackers? Hint: they're not.

Automated Tank Gauges (ATG) that are designed to make compliance with federal regulations a little easier could also provide hackers with a back door to shut down your station’s operations.

3 Steps to Deal with Upcoming DEF Demand

Whether your business is a string of c-stores or a remote diesel source for farm equipment, DEF availability will retain diesel customers.

EMV Transition Guide for Independent Fuel Retailers

EMV transition is coming soon. Are you prepared for the changeover or paying the penalty?

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