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Titanic Change for the Petroleum Industry | January 1917

Reginald Fessenden filed another patent on January 15, 1917. Just one more of the over 500 radio-related patents by the "father" of radio. Patent 1.240.328 didn't change the way we enjoy music- it changed how we got fuel.

Flammable Liquids Basics

A shared article on PEI's safe practice basics for flammable liquids.

Are you compliant with the EPA's underground storage tank rules?

With the second phase of the new EPA requirements taking effect in April 2016, Shields Harper will help you identify and meet the new state and federal requirements for your locations.

Being Prepared During Unexpected Winter Months

It's important to be prepared throughout the winter months and have extra supplies on hand.

Underground Storage Tanks and the EPA's Final Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency published its final rule for regulations in the first major revision of the federal Underground Storage Tanks.

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