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Martinez, CA (Headquarters)


Shields, Harper 1917 Ford Model T in front of Martinez California distribution headquarters "Tin Lizzie"

Our main office in Martinez, California is here to help customers solve their business problems including environmental compliance, monitoring for clean air and clean water standards and all fuel handling and storage issues. 

Shields, Harper & Co. has been providing fuel retailers with innovative, top-of-the-line fuel systems and equipment since 1917.

Our Martinez office location:                                              Hours of Operation:
4591 Pacheco Blvd.                                                             Monday - Friday - 8:00am - 5:00pm
Martinez, CA 94553                                                            Saturday & Sunday - Closed
(510) 653-9119
(800) 772-2300    
Fax: (510) 648-8448      

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Bart Scowley, Chairman & CEO

Is located in the Martinez office. His industry background includes Membership on the Governor's Advisory Commitee on Reformulated Fuels, University of California Instructor of Leak Detection and UST Regulation, Representative of The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and membership on many manufacturer / distributor advisory councils including Wayne, OPW, PetroVend and Veeder-Root.

Mr. Scowley and James Fuchs (see below) are the Trustees of the company's ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Program) and 401K. Both have been with the company for more than 25 years.

Email address:

Dave Sarginson, President

Is located in the Martinez office and has been with the Company for more than 30 years. He is the sixth President of Shields, Harper in our one hundred year history. Suppliers know Dave as their principal contact. As well as overseeing all operational aspects, he keeps the sales department staffed and properly trained and assigned. Dave is currently a member of the Distributor Advisory Council of both Wayne and Veeder Root and is a member of the Shields, Harper Board of Directors.

Email address:

James Fuchs , ESOP Trustee & Member, Board of Directors

Jim is retired from day to day activities after a 34 year career with the company.

Email address:

Tim Roth, Vice President, Southern California

Tim's main office is at our Orange facility although he devotes his time to overseeing all of the projects in Southern California. He has many years of experience with Arco/BP as well as many other Major Oil Brands for fueling systems design and implementation. Tim has been with Shields, Harper for almost twenty years.

Email address:

Greg Brown, Chief Financial Officer

Greg is based in Martinez and supervises accounting, Risk Management and System Operations.

Email address:

Jonalee Adriano , Accounting / HR Manager

Jonalee is located in the Martinez office. She manages Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits and Payables.

Email address:

Doug DeLong, General Manager - Sales

Doug is based in Martinez and oversees Sales personnel, Operations and Procedures.

Email address:

Jennifer Nguyen, Purchasing Manager

Is located in the Martinez office and directs the centralized purchasing function from more than 60 regular suppliers.

Email address:

Jimmy Cartmill, Manager: Operations, CAD Drawings

Jimmy is in Martinez too. As well as his operations responsibilities, he coordinates company shipping, physical plant  and he also produces drawings for customers. Click here to see an example

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Paul Chae, Director, Information Technology

Is located in Martinez and is responsible for network administration, data analysis and upgrade implementation.  He is responsible for long term planning, disaster recovery and systems continuity.  Additionally, he maintains the ERP and ad hoc SQL data extractions.

Email address:

Maryann Maes, Credit Department

Is located in the Martinez office. If you have any credit questions, talk to Maryann or the credit Manager, Eric Liming. You can also fill out and print an application by clicking on "Credit Application" on the Home page of this website.

Email address:

Jeff Nelson, Customer Support Manager

Is located everywhere ... but keeps an office in Martinez. Jeff operates throughout the Shields, Harper marketing area as a customer service department to support the local authorized ASRs that service equipment in the field.

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Richard Diza, Warehouse Supervisor

Keeps products coming in and going out of the Martinez warehouse.

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Guy Cardinale

Guy is based in Martinez and works with all Branches to control inventory and warehouse operations.

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  Shields, Harper & Co.
4591 Pacheco Blvd.
Martinez, CA 94553

(510) 653-9119
(800) 772-2300
Fax: (510) 658-8448
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