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  AST-EVR Compliance Deadline Information
Contact your nearest Sales Representative (here) to get the latest AST-EVR upgrade information. Find out what is required to maintain compliance with your aboveground storage tank.

EVR-AST Compliance Deadlines 2019 for the Gas Station Petroleum Industry

UST Regulations 
Federal EPA regulations are the minimum standard throughout the country. California has more stringent regulations written by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) based on California law. 

Click on this link to go to the California SWRCB site with all the info on the UST program.

Click on this link to go to the Federal EPA site.

CARB Regulations

CARB Low Permeation deadline EVR Vac Assist replacement

Low Permeation Hose - Compliance Dates

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is more than just a statewide agency. CARB regulations are followed by all of the states except one (Missouri) and by several other countries. ..mostly in Europe. The federal government charged CARB with the responsibility of creating and implementing a testing program which certifies vapor recovery products. The federal government also gave the states the option of following the CARB regulations or implementing their own testing program and adopting their own regulations. The only state to adopt their own program was Missouri. As a result CARB is the de facto federal program for all other states. Shields, Harper's CEO, Bart Scowley, represents the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEl) on CARB's Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) committee. Significant changes are being implemented in both Phase I and Phase II vapor recovery equipment. The enforcement of CARB's regulations is carried out by local agencies in the various states. Agencies vary from state to state.
For all states except Missouri, click on Link below to go to CARB's own vapor recovery regulations Site.

For Missouri's Division of Environmental Quality, click on this link:

PEINew developments as a result of CARB's new EVR regulations include the fact that some states have received EPA permission to continue use of some decertified CARB vapor recovery equipment. To view the up-to-date position of each state, click on the PEI logo to the right.



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