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Being Prepared During Unexpected Winter Months

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Changing seasons bring changing needs from your customers and different challenges for retailers. Shields Harper is here to help.

With the onset of colder weather, rain, and snow it's important to have extra supplies on hand.  Without a well stocked inventory of fueling replacement parts, an unfortunate mishap could put your station out of service. Spare hoses, nozzles, and breakawayscould mean the difference between being down for hours or days. This is especially true over the holidays when delays will be at their worst. Something as simple as spare filters from CIM-TEK can mean not running out when shipments get delayed due to weather. 


What should you have for those unexpected delays?

The hustle and bustle of customers rushing about their errands, combined with adverse weather, make mishaps more likely than during the summer months. Spills and other mishaps are inevitable. Having spill containment kits and traffic control devices such as delineators can limit the hazards and downtime as much as possible. 

Stations that prepare ahead of time will enjoy reduced downtime, and reduced downtime means shorter lines at the pumps and fewer frustrated customers. Every year you are going to have customers who forget to prepare ahead of time. When they get caught without basic supplies, you can be there for them. Ensuring your site offers useful seasonal items, as well as normal stock, will help streamline sales. Clearly marked displays and signage from LSI Graphic Solutions will help your customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Stations with car washes will likely be busier as customers try to keep their vehicles clean and salt-free. Managers and staff will need to pay extra attention to the entries and exits to make sure runoff water doesn't create slippery surfaces that could be hazardous to staff and customers. Anti-slip mats will help increase safety for staff and customers hurrying around the station. A few extra orange traffic cones is all it takes to warn pedestrians and drivers of slippery areas.