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Fresh Starts for Your Service Station

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designing for a service station

We all know what that new car smell means. Whether it really is a brand new car, or one that has been freshly detailed, that smell brings to mind a fresh start and a new approach.

At Shields Harper, we've been helping clients like you plan and develop fresh starts for almost a century.

A bright station with clearly visible services and directions makes it easy for your customers to get in, get what they need, and be on their way quickly and easily. Upgrading to advanced LED lighting and controls from LSI Industries can give your station a fresh new look at the same time they reduce your electrical costs by up to 50%. Those new lights can spotlight everything from new EMV certified Wayne dispensers, new hanging hardware from Franklin FuelingOPW or VST as well as self-serve air and water installations from Duro.

How else can Shields Harper help make a difference in your productivity?

From EMV POS payment systemstanks and pumps to signage from May Group International. We can provide everything to make your station run smoothly, and a smoothly running station is a more productive station.

Whether you're designing your new station from scratch, or planning to upgrade or overhaul an existing station to comply with new regulations or standards or take advantage of market shifts before your competitors, Shields, Harper, and Co has the expert personnel to help you design or redesign your station to maximize the profitability of your site. With almost a century of experience, Shields, Harper, and Co continues to be an industry leader, serving every facet of the petroleum handling industry. Its integrated systems are installed in airports, fleets, commercial and retail sites throughout its market area.

CAD Drawings Dispensers

Design Services

Shields Harper can provide you with custom made CAD drawings to scale for your specific site configurations. Owners, operators, contractors, architects, designers, engineers, and manufacturers depend on the expertise of our highly trained technical staff. We help them design systems and specify equipment appropriate to the highly regulated areas in which they operate. Shields, Harper, and Co drawings continue to be used for submittals, installation, specifications, engineering, literature, and permits.

As you can see from these examples, our drawings can be as detailed as necessary. Contact Shields Harper and we'll start 'drawing conclusions' for you.